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Looking for top talent to join your blockchain project? 

Look no further than Job on Chain, the first job board in Central Europe fully dedicated to connecting employers with skilled professionals in the blockchain industry, both technical and non-technical. Our platform is not just a place to post job listings; we have a thriving community of crypto enthusiasts and influencers who actively engage with our content and help us identify the best candidates for your team. With Job on Chain, you can be sure that your job listings will be seen by the right people who are passionate about blockchain technology and ready to take on new challenges. Whether you're looking to hire in Poland or beyond, Job on Chain is the go-to destination for employers who want to build strong, innovative teams in the fast-growing blockchain industry. Don't settle for anything less than the best; join Job on Chain today and start connecting with top talent in the world of blockchain! 

Perks & Benefits

This job comes with several perks and benefits

  • Working tools

    The company provides the necessary work tools

  • Learning and development

    The company offers various types of training or pays for personal development

  • Discover investment opportunities

    The company collaborates with various crypto partners during the early stages of development, and some of these partners may propose early investment opportunities.

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